FROG. Designed and loomed by Marlene Barressii Crafts. Click photo for the MarloomZ Creations YouTube tutorial. (Rainbow Loom Obsession FB page)

I wish I could make awesome loom band creations like these ones! My favourite is the red eyed tree frog on the right hand corner.

Flower Fun Charm Made on the Monster Tail - Rainbow Loom

Diamond Ridge Bracelet

Rainbow Loom STRAWBERRY 3D Charm. Designed and loomed by DIYMommy. Click photo for YouTube tutorial. 06/20/14.

Watch to make this Rainbow Loom bands Strawberry Charm Tutorial / Design. Step by step instruction how to make a Rainbow Loom Charm Strawberry.

Rainbow Loom Charms: UNICORN / PEGASUS: How To Tutorial (DIY Mommy)

Tutorial on how to make a Unicorn or Pegasus "Rainbow Loom Charm" by adding wings and/or a horn to the Horse Charm I uploaded earlier this week.

NEW Hand Sanitizer Case with Charm Strap Rainbow Loom Tutorial

NEW Hand Sanitizer Case with Charm Strap Rainbow Loom Tutorial- these are so cute! I'm not too fond of the candy charm though so I made the bow charm instead.