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I can do that, I don't use my phone that much. It's an old Samsung and I hate him.

I saw one this morning! and I forgot to wish cuz I was all like, did I really just see that! and then I got sad cuz I didn't make a wish :(

I've seen more shooting stars that I could even begin to remember, so for that, I'm very grateful.

#bucketlist yep I live obove the inuflnce

Well it's against my religion to do drugs so I guess you can say this one's been done!

Bucketlist :)

Bucketlist: I really want to be able to overcome my insecurities and hopefully one day I can

#bucketlist this is something that is a life goal

A dream since I was

Ohhhh I will...

except for the fact that it actually isn't real :'( when I found that out I almost cried!


build a tree house that my kids would always play in and love-brandon

Very blessed to have this added and checked off my list 11/5/14... would have never thought this possible.  God Bless my new angel friend!!!

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