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Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary located in the reserve forest between Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts in Assam. It is approximately 210 km away from Dhubri


The lion.

The Trump administration’s lifting of restrictions on importing elephant body parts from Zimbabwe and Zambia is not the last gift to hunting interests

Cheetah and cub

Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus) Mother With, Adolescents, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya Reproduction photographique par Gerry Ellis sur AllPosters.

"So very beautiful"

"So very beautiful"

'The Maltese Tiger' (or Blue Tiger) was reported mostly from the Fujian Province of China, being characterized by a bluish fur with dark stripes. The Maltese Tigers have been reported as a subspecies of the South Chinese Tiger.

Winter Love - White tigers at Feline Park, France. By [Deadboxrunner] white tiger love

Puma, most commonly known in the western United States as the "Mountain Lion", has many other names such as: Catamount, Cougar and Panther.

Lion and her cub

"The embrace” by Stephan Brauchli is a wonderful photograph of a lioness mother and her cub.

Beautiful cat      what a shot!

Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) from Prague Zoo. More photos of amur leopard: Amur Leopard IV

Caturday At Cincinnati Zoo

lovenaturewildlife: “Beauty of Nature & Wildlife lion cub yawn by Mark Dumont ”