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Ocelot kit...such a pretty baby

maximum litter size: 3 cubs month cubs are born in: anytime of the year. age when they leave their mother: 2 yrs lifespan: 7 to 10 yrs

I don't know what that was but it was delicious.  Can you feed me again? fur babies/GcFIEND

This Ocelot Kitten Met His Best Friend, Blakely the Dog, at the Zoo—Watch Their Adorable Playdate! Can I please just have this wittle cutie now?

Baby ocelot = kitten.

27 Baby Animals That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively over South America including the islands of Trinidad an.

It was recently discovered that the Margay, a small arboreal feline from Mexico, Central and South America, has the ability to mimic the calls of baby monkeys in distress. This, of course, attracts worried adult monkeys which can then be attacked and devoured by the Margay.  Scientists who witnessed this while doing research in Brazil just couldn’t believe their eyes, but natives were not surprised; they informed the scientists that Margays can also imitate the sounds of other animals

Maggie, a female Margay at the Cat House, a feline conservation center in California. What amazing little (big) cats.

In The Beginning...

In The Beginning...

So cute, i want an ocelot of my own.

18 Of The Cutest Ocelots In The World

Cutest thing I ever did see. I do not need a kitten. I need an ocelot baby.

A Tender Moment - A cheetah cub looks up at its mother on the great plains of Africa...

Cheetah cub looking up at Mama photographed by Greg du Toit. Du Toit is a wildlife photographer and safari guide based out of South Africa.

Do you think they have any of these at the Humane Society for adoption?

Margay cat, very rare, often confused with ocelot. ---this is the only cat whose hind legs rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to run headfirst down trees.

Nico the ocelot at 2 mos - Buffalo Zoo

Ocelot Kitten Starts the New Week with a New Name

Fish and Wildlife Service says hundreds of plant and animal species could be harmed by the border wall.

gorgeous ocelot

A sad fact. ocelots are one of the most sought after wildcats on the black market. They are purchased at ridiculously high prices and the breeding and selling of them is perpetuating the suffering of wildcats nationwide and, indeed worldwide.