“ komiti: “ my study notes. ” Anyone wondering why your animals are looking a bit off, this is really useful. Sometimes it takes a long time to realise that even amoung the same families.

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Okay bigger than usual post! I had the turnaround done earlier already but I wanted to wait to post it all together. This was fun!

Cynology: The Study of Dogs — sirwoofsalot: Part one of my dog ...

Otter Study - x graphite pencil and photoshop, done in four hours Otter Muscle Study - x pencil, prisma marker and Photoshop Otter Skeleton Study - x done in.

An exquisite fuck-ton of canine references. To see the text of the larger images, you gotta reverse-image search ‘em. [From various sources]

The third part in the Dog Anatomy Tutorial; focusing on basic body positions. Running Cycle: Dog Anatomy Tutorials: Part One: Body Parts Part Two: Breeds Part Three: Body Positions Part Four: Emoti.

wolf fangs reference

Anatomy notes 6 incisors (front canines/fangs, bottom canines are closer to the incisors than top caninesWolf tongues are floppy and thin, but rough to lick flesh off boneCarnivorous teeth .