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teen frisk tho. teen frisk making even more puns than usual on some days and being completely (skeleton)done on other days. sans never knowing where his sweatshirt is until he sees frisk and- dammit, not again, frisk.

paychiri: “ Despite everything, it’s still you. Just a full design of my concept for an older Frisk! I’d like to think they still wear striped tops while acquiring hand-me-downs from Grunkle Sans.

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Everybody gets a meme

If Sans keeps doing things like these, Frisk will never feel what it is like to lose. Ever.

undertale, sans, papyrus, frisk, undyne Sans why are you such a good person

frisk necklace undertale - Google Search

The biggest mystery of the game isn't gaster, it's what the fuck frisks outfit is

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