Interviews Kate Leth, Writer Of Boom’s Adventure Time Vol. 3: Seeing Red

sugoi-as-hell: “stephaniegonzaga: “ Here’s the cover I illustrated for the third graphic novel for Adventure Time by KaBOOM! The OGN was just announced today. Here’s a pretty cool interview with writer Kate Leth on the details of the story:.

É hora de diversão com o Monopoly do Adventure Time!

Monopoly- the perennial favorite, comes in more varieties than Baskin Robbins ice cream. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, except when you don't get Boardwalk and Park Place.

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Adventure Time: Stakes by on @DeviantArt

Fan art for the Adventure Time mini-series: Stakes, which focuses on Marceline. Elements of Marceline's past and present are sprinkled throughout the Adventure Time: Stakes

Marceline Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time

earthrumblechampion: “♫ ♪ A pocket full of things that I intend to use I carry with me what I think is true And do what I intend to do I promise you Commiseratively I am obliged to you ♫ ♪”