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If plastic lawn flamingos came to life during the summer they would look something like this.

Sup millenials! How's life lately? Lemme guess: Mostly Stressful. You're either a bit or A LOT worried about some imminent thing(s) that hasn't happened yet. And the always-on anxiety it's screwing with your mojo and/or ability to do any of the following sufficiently: sleep; breathe; poop; care. Yes? So, from our mutual page of the book called Modern Life, here's a not-so-new(s) fact: almost a third of us suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. One THIRD I said. Furtherwo...

The 5 lesser-boring, NATURAL ways to deal with your anxiety, right this minute!

andreasanterini: Nimue Smit / Photographed by Marc de Groot / Styled by Marije Goekoop, for Vogue Netherlands July/August 2015