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İngiliz Ressamın ünlü tabloları Kedi figürüyle yeniden yorumladı - Haber, Haberler, Son Dakika, En Son Haber

Cats Are Taking Over Famous Western Artworks And We're Definitely Not Mad About It

Jana Glatt - MIAU

Brazilian illustrator Jana Glatt & & n o m a t o p e i a& are simple, fun illustrations of animal language. It always intrigu.

Cats of Istanbul Emmi Jormalainen https://instagram.com/emmijormalainen/

Istanbul is a city ruled by cats. People bring water bowls and cat food to street corners.

Cavalera great use of negative and positive space by phoebe

In this photo, the negative space is used to illustrate hands holding the positive space (the cat).

. ★ Find more at http://www.pinterest.com/competing/ #shibadog

. ★ Find more at http://www.pinterest.com/competing/ #shibadog

Black cat

Want to use printed fabrics with this one and try different animals.