Something soft to add to the summer days on the porch

love the combination of a square and a round cushion, and also the colours a lot made by tiggersjp, ravelry

Live colors-Grandma All Square@Ashley Wolverton, This is the first thing my grandmother taught me how to crochet. It is so easy. Then hook them together for the afgan. Like the one she made for you! Or you can make one big one too, you just keep going around.

Grandma All Square. This tutorial is using a favorite of mine The Grandma All Round pattern. I have used the first 3 rounds and added.

Free Crochet Pattern~ Dly's Hooks and Yarns ~: ~ a hexircle ~

Strange name, right? The Golden Hexircle is a combination of a circle and a hexagon. Thus, the Hexircle is created for you to use in your next crochet afghan. Hexagon crochet patterns are a fun way to break out of the granny square routine.

PDF Pattern Flower Sampler $8.00 PDF Pattern Sacha $6.00 PDF Pattern Yvonne $6.00 Apache Tears {Arrows} The class notes are available! Printer friendly, the instructions are not plastered with step…


Pattern to buy, sarah london - I'd like to crochet this cheery textured flower pillowy cushion

Free Crochet Flowery Hexagon Tutorial

Free Crochet Flowery Hexagon Tutorial (Dada's place)

As I promised in my last post , I prepared for you the free pattern and step by step tutorial for this flowery hexagon. It's very simple .


FREE PATTERN for Spiral Squares

Crochet - Tutorial: "Flower Square" - Level: easy.

My favorite thing about yarn arts? The colors of course! Color 'n Cream: Flower Square Tutorial II