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Tattoo, Marie from "Aristocats"

One day I am getting a little mermaid sleeve, not exactly like this one but one day...<3

Half sleeve Disney Ariel The Little Mermaid and Eric her prince. Those clouds remind me of a painting.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Tattoo. So Cute!

The Nightmare before Christmas tattoo, super cute Wallace-Karson it's little jack and sally.

Disney - Beauty and the Beast tattoo

Disney Tattoo Design by on DeviantArt

nice ! thats art!

Beauty and the Beast DisneyTattoo

Oo de lally Robin Hood Disney Tattoo #disney #oodelally #robinhood

Oodelally golly what a day - Disney's Robin Hood tattoo.

Rosas & Ancla

Rosas & Ancla

there is something I like about anchors.

Artist Douglas Chavez from Skin It Art Creations in Ogden Utah

Artist Douglas Chavez from Skin It Art Creations in Ogden Utah. I really want a key tattoo.

Cute!! Raggedy Ann

Island of Misfit Toys tattoo. I want the elephant

Love this...but I want diff cartoons...petter pan...Dr sues..Alice in wonderland...night mare before Christmas

Who would have guessed that Disney villains can be great tattoo inspirations? Are you tired of your rebellious tattoos? Well it’s time to add some Disney thing on your ink. Get a laser tattoo removal now and change your tattoo.

Aristocats tattoo. Done by John LeRoux at Deep Roots Tattoo in Seattle.

My favorite movie growing up. Artist: John Leroux at Deep Roots Tattoo in Seattle.

Done by my boyfriend, Luke LoPorto at Timmy Tattoo in...

Done by my boyfriend, Luke LoPorto at Timmy Tattoo in Huntington, NY. He tattooed Wall-E on the back of my right calf, and he is getting Eva done on the back of his left calf so that when we stand.

A lady in pink  by: Man0uk

A cute print from Marie Disney's Aristocats by Meest on Etsy,

@Mia B if i loved her as much as you do, this would be my tattoo. it's so precious

really wish i went to a better artist for my maria tattoo, this one is way adorable

An Excited Strawberry

http://www.revelist.com/arts/mermaid-scales-tattoos/4313/Just look at these…

Just look at these colors!

A list of 18 mermaid-inspired scales tattoos.