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If you plan to buy cat as the pet for your home, you might want an affectionate pet and here is the list of top 5 affectionate cat breeds.

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Cool Cat Tree Plans

Just Look at those Beautiful Blue Kitty Eyes - Adorable Little Kitten, Aww!

Blue Eyes by Miu Miu

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. http://www.mainecoonguide.com/fun-facts-maine-coon-cats/

7 Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats... 🐱

If you're looking for Free Maine Coon Kittens for adoption we've written some tips on how to find Free Maine Coon Cats and where to look for them.

Looks like my cat. ❤️

Shadowface is a strong warrior of DarkClan. He once believed in StarClan, but Tigerstar visited him in his dreams, and convinced him to join the Dark Forest, and join DarkClan. (Played by me)


The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘karakalak’ which means ‘a black ear.’ It is a medium-sized animal native to the deserts and savannahs of Africa, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caspian Sea coast.

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I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. Built for affection, I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger.

The Dwelf cat is a new cat breed. This cat includes the bald attribute of the Sphynx cat, the small thighs of the Munchkin kitten along with the curled ears of the American Curl. The result is a really unique-looking pet. The title of the kitten is derived from dwarf (because of its short legs) and the … ** Click on the image for additional details. #catcaretips

Learning About Proper Feline Animal Care At Home * Visit the image link for more details.

cat ♥️ #SiameseCat

cat ♥️ #SiameseCat