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Can't Hold Back by Survivor  This was a freakin awesome song back in the "big hair" days, and it still is :)

Survivor - I Can't Hold Back: one of the great rock anthems and my favorite Survivor song.

Coachella 2013 Alexa Chung

The Holy Style Trinity at Coachella 2013

Happy World Photo Day!!! Photography was invented 177 years ago today we're celebrating by being grateful for moments like these (on top of volcanos) that will live on forever :) #worldphotoday #u30x

Happy World Photo Day! Photography was invented 177 years ago today we're celebrating by being grateful for moments like these (on top of volcanos) that will live on forever :)

Suunto t4c Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Trainer Watch (Black Volcano) by Suunto. $209.99. Amazon.com Product Description      How long should you run? How fast should you pedal? How quick you should move? Answer these questions and more while receiving all the training guidance you need with the Suunto t4c heart rate monitor watch. The t4c employs a Suunto Coach feature to evaluate your athletic performance via a personalized five-day training program. Rather than spend...

Suunto launches a new range of wristwatch heart rate monitors today, boasting new designs and features and the first ever specific women's range. The keep-fit watches are released hot on the heels of Samsung's micoach phone and Nike+ wristbands last month

HowStuffWorks 10 Countries with Perfect Climates:   "...many people favor low humidity, little rainfall, mild temperatures and a high percentage of sunny days, obviously not everyone agrees. Otherwise, we'd have all of nearly 7 billion people crammed onto the 177-square-mile island of Palau."

10 Countries With Perfect Climates

Living in Ecuador .Get your free report about life in Ecuador. Thinking of living in Ecuador? It's not just properties that are affordable in Ecuador.

In a large sinkhole at the edge of Makauwahi Cave on the island of Kauai, a team of archaeologists and volunteers is searching for the remains of Hawaii’s human and environmental history.

Inside Kauai's Past - deal conditions within an ancient cave system are revealing a rich history that reaches back to a time before humans settled the island and extends to the present day

USS Arizona burning furiously, as seen from USS Solace - Dec.7, 1941, quickly settled to the bottom of Pearl Harbor. A total of 1,177 of her crew members, sailors and marines, were killed. This represented the greatest loss of life in US Naval History. The Arizona burned for more than two days.

It's Pearl Harbor Day! I am a famous ship, who am I? I am the USS Arizona Since December (Pearl Harbor Day) is coming up real soon, I thou…

This startling color still frame from a film reel captures the moment the catastrophic explosion doomed the battleship USS Arizona. A Japanese bomb fashioned from a modified artillery shell detonated a forward powder magazine and caused the devastating explosion that killed 1,177 Americans.

Remembering December 1941 - the "Day of Infamy" - when a Japanese air attack on Hawaii pulled the U. into WWII

A Satellite Eye on Mount Ruapehu

NASA’s Terra satellite snapped this image of Mount Ruapehu, one of the most active volcanoes in New Zealand. Peruse through more of the week’s most awe-inspiring space pictures.