The Wolf of Wall Street.

51 Striking Minimalist Poster Designs

The Wolf Of Wall Street by Omar Bustamante, via Behance

These were a movie poster campaign to advertise the upcoming film; "The Wolf Of Wall Street" alot of inspiration came from artist Saul Bass and his use of symbolism and play with positive and negative space.

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affiche film 💔 her by spike jonze / rouge red coeur heart movie poster design graphism minimal

FIGHT CLUB [Movie Poster Series] by Mike Tapia, via Behance

FIGHT CLUB movie poster series in 3 historic design styles: Industrial Woodblock, Freestyle and Bauhaus.

The Wolf Of Wall Street Vintage l Ignaccolo & Co. Estudio de Comunicación Digital & SocialMedia l Redes Sociales 3413316009

Minimal Prints Wolf Of Wall Street Unframed Print: A great print from Minimal Prints, inspired by the film adaption of The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Official portfolio of Tommy Schurzmann, media designer & artist from Leipzig // Logo Design, Corporate Design, Print Design and

The Wolf of Wall Street | by Hunter Langston

Wolf of Wall Street coming along… Really happy with the concept, but still needs a little more work