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In order to say that speciesism exists you would have to say that no animal exists that needs meat to survive, that is not the case making the point invalid. Now that's not to be confused with the fact that a human has the intelligence to find nonanimal sources of protein given the right resources and ability to do so, but protein IS needed for survival which makes humans no different than meat consuming animals in their need to obtain it.

The big-eyed tree frog, or peacock tree frog (Leptopelis vermiculatus) is a species of frog found in forest areas in the African country of Tanzania. In some literature, it is referred to as the Amani forest tree frog.

Phantasmal Poison Arrow Frog, Epipedobates tricolor

Phantasmal Poison Arrow Frog, Epipedobates tricolor

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Clive, ever alert, was poised for action, or perhaps, simply posed.