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BTS 'War Of Hormone' Concept Photo #SUGA

Suga - Bangtan Boys Reveals Concept Photos for Upcoming Album ‘Hormone War’

You've stolen my heart and have yet to return it but I don't mind because you haven't broken it

기억나❤약속❤ // why is he the cutest thing to ever exist

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bts war of hormone photoshoot - juice

-VMon- by MinRoberto (:v) with reads. Tendido en la cama, Namjoon vio a Hy.

Alguma coisa de errada não está certa nessa foto kkkkkkkk

🔍 BTS 홉 *s/h* on

BTS Suga as Kakashi. I dont think u understand how much in crying right at this moment ; i can't i ♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥ kakashi so so sooooo much and then i luv suga to is this even real life am i dreaming!

OhmygodohmygodOhmygodohmygodOhmygodohmygodOhmygodohmygodOhmygodohmygod YOONGI

I was searching about Jack Frost cosplays. This was my first time seeing Yoongi Oppa. This is why I love Min Suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong. 사랑합니다, 민 윤기.

Ahh … my suga is so hot and cute at the same time, plz help he's ruining me