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35 Interesting Vintage Snapshots of 1960s Women With Bouffant Hairstyle ~ vintage everyday

Father Michael enjoyed his Ladies of Charity meeting until Edna finished the gin

Ain’t no party like an Aunt Marge Party ‘cuz an Aunt Marge Party don’t top until 8:30 pm.

22 Funny Family Photos To Make Even You Feel Awkward

This cracks me up. I associate this with frat pranks, not the middle-aged.

Nuff said.

Life for Eunice revolved around liquor and snack food after her chinchilla died

The camera sees all  -- from the Big Happy Fun House blog of "found photos and free pie"

There were few places Inez enjoyed more than her toilet.

The Freebishers were having a rollicking good time with Grandma, but she found the whole thing irksome.

Although they tried their best to recreate Mt Rushmore in real life, Granny Filibert was the only one that actually looked like Abe Lincoln.

women couch 1967 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! It's like I'm looking at my aunts, etc. during a family gathering.

Never had there been such jealousy and seething envy festering in one room, and all because Inez had the nerve to wear her little black dress to a daytime luncheon.

Bingo Player at Saint Casimer’s [sic] Church Hall, 1979Elinor Cahn.      I Love her even more! She’s fabulous! That’s what I want to look like in 10 years.

soredemonao: “girlatlas: “ Bingo Player at Saint Casimer’s [sic] Church Hall, 1979 Elinor Cahn TREMENDOUS. She’s fabulous! That’s what I want to look like in 10 years.

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