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おいでやす o i d e y a s u !

Not only are geisha not prostitutes, they are also not allowed to be in a relationship for as long as they choose to be a geisha. If they wed, they must retire from the profession.

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Japanese Notion of Beauty: Geisha Dress Japanese Geisha women are wearers of Kimonos, which are highly colorful and extravagan.

穿太夫禮服的游女 Oiran 2.jpg

Japanese Courtesan/Oiran- You can tell the difference between an Oiran & Geisha by the way the Obi is tied. A Geisha's Obi is tied in the back verses the Oiran's Obi being tied in the front.

Kyoto is a magical city.   It sounds sugarcoated but it's true.   With 400 shrines and 1,600 Buddhist temples it's difficult to choose your activities.   This list will help you make the most of your trip.

9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture: Wabi-sabi (imperfect) Miyabi (elegance) Shibui (subtle) Iki (originality) Jo-ha-kyu (slow, accelerate, end) Yugen (mysterious) Geido (discipline and ethics) Ensou (the void) Kawaii (cute)

Traditional Geisha.

Because of the rainy weather, these two new maiko in Miyagawa-cho had to wear plastic covers over their priceless silk brocade obi on the day of their misedashi (their first day as.