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The "Buccaneer Made from reclaimed solid walnut, leather backing, wooden keys, brass plates, etc.

Minebea - Cool Leaf Keyboard | GeekStuff4U: From Japan to your Doorstep

Cool Leaf, flat surface transparent acrylic keyboard with no spaces or gaps

“Planispheric Astrolabe” or the Astronomical Astrolabe

“Planispheric Astrolabe” or the Astronomical Astrolabe Designed for the Northern Hemisphere with 2 climate plates One for 10 degrees The other for your latitude

Stunning steampunk journal

Steampunk Tendencies - Steampunk Journal solid brass gears from an old clock. Copper mesh background ~ Shananigens In Leather

Home flight simulator cockpits

Need a flight sim upgrade? CHECKOUT the best flight simulator cockpits to take your flight sim experience to the NEXT LEVEL.

The Noble Collection: The Classic Sextant

love love the lenses.i would like to contract Zeiss to make me an exquisite piece.The Classic Sextant from the Noble Collection

forbiddenalleys:    TIME MACHINE by *osiskars

forbiddenalleys: TIME MACHINE by *osiskars - I'd love to get this for my husband; although I'm the steampunk nut in our family, I know he'd love the quirky engineering of this.

Duomo Stationary - Nautical Instrument

The Merchant Venturers Planispherical Astrolabe - Planispherical Astrolabe. The name astrolabe comes from the Greek word astro, meaning star, and labio, that which searches, so it could be translated as star searcher.

A music typewriter. I think I really need one of these!    OMG...never seen one of these before!

Funny pictures about Musical Typewriter. Oh, and cool pics about Musical Typewriter. Also, Musical Typewriter photos.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Hand-cut Silhouette Bookmark, Lord of the Rings Bookmark, Tolkien Art on Etsy,

bohemian elegance ~ hourglass

Sand Glass, Half-Hour Date: first quarter century Culture: German Medium: Bronze-gilt and silver-gilt. Reminds me of Death's ornate hour glasses in the Discworld series.

Cadran solaire multiple polyédrique aux armes de la Grande Mademoiselle. Sevin Pierre (actif de 1662 à 1685) (C) RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Jean-Gilles Berizzi

Five sundials for 49 degree latitude made by Sevin Pierre Paris. Currently in Louvre.

Super tutorial to make your 21st century techno gear fit into your victorian decor. LUV IT!!

The Steampunk Monitor: The antiquest's answer in the quest for aesthetically pleasing technology?

Johan Cruyff Café (15-04-'13)

Johan Cruyff Café (15-04-'13)