I actually do this a lot to people

A Guide To Manipulation. I love how these have a darker background than the guides to Deduction. It's ad if it's to manipulate you into believing it's all dark and. < a guide to manipulation

Holding heavy thing- +seriousness Holding light object- -seriousness Holding rough thing- social situations seen in a bad light This extends to sitting in chairs, beds, etc

In a series of studies, scientists discovered that holding heavier objects made men think more seriously about things, which in turn made them more likely to donate money to charity if asked. Men holding lighter objects were less likely to donate to.

A Guide To Deduction

The science of deduction sherlock homes super smart good presentation topic observe mind palace memory palace loci mind map

65: A person who spends a lot of time on the computer, or an asocial person will blink considerably less than a social person.

Or maybe he lives in a city and knows that there are pickpockets about and it shows intelligence! (Also, inside pockets are good for defending against pickpockets) << interesting facts

A Guide To Manipulation

Normative social influence evaluation essay The role of social influence processes in social. Also worth mentioning in an essay question is the information Crutchfield.