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A Guide To Manipulation From a more positive perspective, this also means you can help people remember the point of your conversation. Repeat the salient points just before ending the contact.

I do not know how to put into words this experience. I was given choices that I didnt like.  E.g. - Almost like either u shoot urself or i'll shoot u......how about there is no shooting?!?!?  There is breaking of a person involved with deprivation of basic needs, intimidation and fear......followed by illusion of choice and in desperation the target falls for it.  He did this tooooo often.

A Guide To Manipulation. Not too many choices though, people well be reluctant to select if it seems like too much work.

A Guide To Deduction

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...apparently I've been manipulating everyone and never knew it.

A Guide To Manipulation--I think this is mainly due to the fact that when you speak that quickly it overloads people with information and it pressures them into making a snap decision

A Guide To Manipulation

A Guide To Manipulation. I love how these have a darker background than the guides to Deduction. It's ad if it's to manipulate you into believing it's all dark and. < a guide to manipulation