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8x10" Should I Wash My Hair Today? Flowchart

Not washing my hair is so hard for me. Should I Wash My Hair Today Flowchart by ChipperThings on Etsy

i wish i still got stickers for doing hard stuff - merit badge ideas

My life

New Adventures of Old Christine starring Julia Louis Dreyfus. This lady loves her wine!

for the girlies by msaifullah9

Hair, DIY classroom is like a three roses ~ ~ bring hair decorated with the taste of the French Palace of Versailles, the century Rococo

Ninja Names... mine is: Zumofu Lukakichiri Zukutotokitojiari  (Joy Faith Jennings)

. thinking out loud #15

What is your ninja name? Fun way to start off a ninja party. Then kids call each other by ninja name during party.

I, for one, am kinda a discombobulated writer. My desk is littered with sticky notes, my walls are dripping with words and pictures, my hair finds its place atop my head in a messy nest most of the time, and I tend to have a difficult time focusing in the world around me. If you haven't already noticed, I kinda live inside my head. And I'm wondering, are you the messy-haired writer as well? Or am I the only one?

Totally just bought this for my bathroom, not that I need a reminder to embrace messy hair! Embrace Messy Hair by funnelcloud at etsy

Funny pictures about Introvert Problems Aren't Easy. Oh, and cool pics about Introvert Problems Aren't Easy. Also, Introvert Problems Aren't Easy photos.

Can you skip class today? Find out here!

Funny pictures about Can You Skip Class Today? Oh, and cool pics about Can You Skip Class Today? Also, Can You Skip Class Today?

Genius invention

Genius invention

Funny pictures about The moat bed. Oh, and cool pics about The moat bed. Also, The moat bed.

How to use castor oil for naturally thicker longer hair How to Use Castor Oil…

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair (Grow Beautiful Hair Fast)

My favorite simple & effective beauty remedy- castor oil for hair. Learn how to reverse hair loss and grow amazing hair that's thicker, longer & stronger.

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Fast food quiz chart-what to use when you have no idea where to eat

The more you know... Some are pretty funny.

The more you know…