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The Sea People. A mysterious group of sea-borne warriors that ravaged the late Bronze Age Aegean.

Hittite warriors

Let us take a gander at ten fascinating facts you should know about the ancient Hittite warriors of the late Bronze Age.

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Nubian archer and two Egyptian soldiers, New Kingdom Egypt.

Assyrian controled Royal Hunt

Assyrian controled Royal Hunt 😂😆😆 omg how making this invaders gypsy progress , history come try from them ass

José Daniel Cabrera Peña - La Ilíada: héroes aqueos

"The Achaean elite brought many assets to the endeavour against Troy" - the main characters in the Iliad - art by José Daniel Cabrera Peña & Rocío Espín Piñar

Egyptian military dress: a short skirt was worn with a stiffened triangular panel to protect genitals. A helmet, sleeveless armored corselets to protect chest.

Stygian Spears : Troop Type 1 Troop Category : MI - Medium Infantry Missile Combat Ability : Poor Melee Combat Ability : Good Morale : Good Movement Rate : 3 The cost to train and outfit is LOW.