Steampunk Batgirl - Michael Dooney

Corset-wearing superwomen from the Age of Steam


1887 Victorian-Style DC Ladies Superhero Art

First of all, the Phoenix force is not Jean’s mutation. It is a cosmic entity that chose Jean Grey as a vessel due to her extremely potent psionic abilities when she telepathically called out for help in outer space. While it can still be debated that perhaps the force is an extension of her powers due to such manifestations of Phoenix-like abilities when Jean was not possessed by the entity it must be agreed upon that the two are completely separate life forms.

10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The X-Men: The Entire Phoenix Saga

X-23 - Lynne Yoshii

WIP pinup of Apocalypse - finally got some personal work time and took advantage. Still noodling some details as always but feeling like he's a good companion piece to Darkseid, which was the inten.

Jean Grey Phoenix

Phoenix - The women of Marvel wear their flowing, formal costume attire