Percabeth wedding!

Of course Percabeth's wedding won't be normal at all. Uncle Rick is the sassy and crazy creator of this awesome world, I mean, do I need to say more?

Percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 193726391381619481030173010284710 time in a row. *slow clap for Percy*<<<Let's just give him a PERMANENT best boyfriend award.

yeah.. but then he wouldn't have been a demigod. aka no longer part of the seven. aka NO PERCY

I'm imagining piper looking at Percy and Annabeth and wondering if there's any chance Jason would hav made the same choice for her, or if Percabeth romance is a one time occurrence

For once, you are smart Hephaestus.

Here's what I don't get: Percy made the gods promise to free Calypso! Well, then again, Calypso wouldn't have met Leo… but still!

Aw that's so cute

Headcanons<--- que waterfall of happy tears! percy is so romantic! even when he doesnt try!<< BECAUSE PERCABETH

Lol I can just see Jason and frank doing most of the lifting wile Percy and Annabeth struggle to get out of their grip wile Leo takes a bunch of pictures then hazel and Piper are laughing their heads off

percabeth's and caleo's kids headcanons - Google Search

I would die,and kill Leo probably. But, he came back to Camp Half Blood in Trials of Apollo, The Hidden Oracle

Credit to @_percy_posts_ on Instagram

Percy is spying on his kid.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Why does everybody name Percy's kid Charlie?<<<<<<because Beckendorf is the reason Percabeth even really got together I think