bareback… with a tighter leg than i'll ever have with stirrups…and a kickin' 2 point position!

Hi my name is Kelsea Hitt I have a lot of horses but this is the horse I went to the olympics on and he is my Fave I will post one of my fave mare later

Hunter jumper eventing horse equine grand prix dressage equestrian

That face when you just went over the wrong jump mid-course. What's the course in my next class?

Horse Sports with GT Courbette

Horse Sports with GT Courbette

The Horse at Hermès |♥נк∂.

Hermes Orange Color

Chestnut with a slightly lighter mane and tail

Apache can also do English he was a hunter champion but we are thinking of making more of a barrel racer now

There is nothing more attractive than a man that can ride a horse ❤

Attractive man on an attractive horse I will take one for Christmas and if he has a twin I would like him for my birthday. Thank you in advance new best friend.

Such a nice flat back, it kills me! <3<3 beautiful horse, too... I WANT THAT EQUITATION

Ugh, her posture is lovely. And she makes that new "bug-eye" GPA helmet style look good.