Reversed / Inverted   National Gallery of Ireland / Vermeer Project Reference image. Camera Obscura.   ...     "Camera obscura", by Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell

Photographer Transforms Ordinary Rooms into Camera Obscuras by Patricia Ramos, Exposure Guide, (Photo by featured photographer- Abelardo Morell)

{When the} Night Comes Down...

Night driving I love everything more at night including a peaceful evening drive.

Ed Freeman photography: Ed Freeman photography

The eerie Americana of photographer Ed Freeman - in pictures

Saatchi Art: Aluminum Trailer, Desert Shores CA - Edition 4 of 9 Photography by Ed Freeman

Night City, Urban Life, City Lights, Beautiful Places, Street View, Nightlife, Neon, Death, Urban Photography

Russell Lee

mpdrolet: “ Gasoline filling station at night, Hollywood, California, 1942 Russell Lee ”