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Say it, write it, or show it: Our service members -- past and present -- deserve our thanks!

Operation Gratitude God bless each one that has put their lives on the line and never allow our country to forget our Freedom isn't Free!

Our Amazing Military, In Honor Of Veteran’s Day – 50 Pics

Thank you to all the brave men and women that have served this country and continue to sacrifice for our safety and freedom. God bless each one of you and God bless America.

The Captain and his Huey. Read this, such a sweet man and brave too!

The Captain and his Huey

Funny pictures about This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals. Oh, and cool pics about This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals. Also, This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals photos.

Thank you veterans.

The history of Veterans Day. Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans Day celebrates the living veterans who’ve served in the U. The tradition began after World War I and was originally called Armistice Day.

A "HERO"... true blue

Dakota Meyer, first living Marine since the Vietnam War recipient of the Medal of Honor. He rescued 36 Marines, soldiers, and Afghan soldiers during six hours of combat.

#HonorThem ........  On THIS DAY, August 21st, in Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom & New Dawn HISTORY we lost 22 heroes. Please help us ensure they are #NeverForgotten LMD

Tribute to True Heroes. of True A soldier gives his/her life to make ours better. God bless our military and our vets.

"Heaven Was Needing a Hero"   A tribute to war widows... brings me to tears

"Heaven Was Needing a Hero" A tribute to war widows. God bless our Heaven Deployed Heros and the loved ones who never got their homecoming!

Our armed forces!

LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE - Let us therefore remain diligent to pray without ceasing for our troops here in the USA and especially our troops who are dispersed throughout the world" God Bless You!

Pearl Harbor Vet - Thank you for your service, Sir! . . . Is it only me or do you also see pain still in those eyes?

Pearl Harbor Vet - Thank you for your service, Sir! Folks, thank every Veteran you see on any given day but especially on Veteran's Day. They deserve it and so much more and always are so appreciative to be acknowledged.

Freedom has a price, a high price that's paid by Our Veterans. Thank You to all who served..

I never miss the chance to tell a soldier, man or woman how much I thank them for the sacrifice's they have made for me and for America. If you see them in your town please walk right up to them and let them know that they are in your p

A soldier awakens from a nightmare only to be comforted by the pure unconditional love of his Service Dog. 24 dogs donated thus far! Love, Lucky.

Yes our heros come in many shapes and sizes. Dogs are heros as well. The man can be the dogs hero. The dog can be the mans hero. Either way anyone can be a hero. Put your mind to it!

For all of those who have game some and those who gave all

The word Hero is very overused in this country. We do, however, know who the real heroes are.God bless our troops

All Americans

I don't call myself an Irish-American, German-American, Hungarian American English-American.

I pray for the men and women serving our country.....they are the bravest military on earth!

praying for the men and women who selflessly protect me and everyone else. too many people are so unthankful our freedom and those who fight for it. thank you to all of our service men and women. they deserve our utmost respect!

Soldiers deserve more

"I think someone protecting our country should get paid more than a man protecting a football." I love, love football, but agreed wholeheartedly with this!