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Seguridad de su hijo vale la pena cada centavo gastado en esta torre de Tot. Taburete de paso de ayudante de cocina de nuestros hijos significa 32 altura, 15 1/2 pulgadas de ancho y la base es 17 1/2 de profundidad. Esto es perfecto para el niño como que le de sombra en su curiosidad para aprender - en la cocina, el fregadero del cuarto de baño, mesa de trabajo de papá o en cualquier lugar a su hijo para contrarrestar la altura con seguridad. Pesa sólo 14 libras y es fácil para su niño a…

Child Kitchen Helper Step Stool This instead of Little Partner Learning Tower

Maddie loves to help in the kitchen. Washing her hands, washing dishes, stirring things, watching things, eating things. I was getting in a ...

Maddie loves to help in the kitchen. Washing her hands, washing dishes, stirring things, watching things, eating things.

Little helper tower / step stool for toddler which can be easily converted to table and chair.  After helping mom in the kitchen to peel potatoes and prepare dinner, little helper can be tired. Helper tower can be easily converted to table and chair, so little helper can take a rest, or have some fun with the toys, or maybe enjoy just prepared dinner at his own table!  Please, see the video on how surdy the stools are. Everybody deserves their own helper tower - https://youtu.b...

Little helper tower / table / chair all-in-one, Montessori learning stool, kitchen step stool

Tour d'observation/ d'apprentissage - ikea hack

Standing tower (or learning tower) / high chair, made with an Ikea stool)

We recently ran across a picture for Matilda's Activity Tower on Pinterest. We immediately saw the usefulness and made one for ourselves. Learn why we love this tower and see  a few changes we made.

Why We Recommend Building Matilda's Activity Tower

"Let me do it!" We sure do hear that a lot from our kids.  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/reviews/furniture_reviews/learning-tower/  As they grow, that fierce independence gets stronger and stronger.  With this well designed step stool they finally can do it, and with the solid wood construction, they can do it safely.

Here's one of the best home equipment for educating and bonding with your curious little kids! Learn more about the Learning Tower.

Kids Step Stool. These look great and are $200 to buy.  We will try to make one for grandchild

It's a step stool that made from finished plywood. I used pocket hole construction, sanded to applied two coats of polyurethane and used contact.