Too close by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt

Too close by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt.I see they had to sneak in the small "END" necklace there. Matsu looks dope don't he.

Just a dream -page 2 by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt

The page 2 of my NatsuxLucy doujinshi (why so shy Natsu? haha ) Hope you like this and sorry for the grammar ! (read it from left to right) Link for: Pr. Just a dream -page 2

Natsu x lucy

when a lonely princess begins getting visits from a strange scaled boy and their journey of an unlikely friendship. NaLu My Baby Dragon - My Pet Princess


Aaaand here comes the NaLu Angst  It's not perfekt, i know  Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima

page 1 by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt

watashiwashipperdesu: “ Kyaa ♥ There neural magic of Mashima-sensei anime… Do not do anything like that again :’) ”

Fairy Tail Doujin- TPTD by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt nalu

I love it "The Princess and The Dragon " I just love it her comes the next disney princess folks I love it

Aww Lu-chan haha

The fact that Levy is SOBBING into Gajeel and he has to promise to buy her books is my new reason to live