BY: Ricardo Toureiro Dias...........Click on image to enlarge......

BY: Ricardo Toureiro Dias. I like this particular image because it highlights the length of the player's scarf and the ribbon creatures that the main character interacts with in the game.

The Art Of Animation, Min Yum

The Art Of Animation -love the colours. Maybe we could use a similar colour theme in our animation?


Inspired by Japanese artists Makoto Ahinkai, Kazuo Oga, Indonesian artist Niken Anindita created the intriguing anime illustrations. Her work looks clean, which is mix of fantasy and minimalist styles

Moving on

pennypaperbrain: “ whatanart: “ Artist: Artem Chebokha Dreamy Digital Paintings of Whales Flying Across the Sky ” Look, fandom, flying whales!

theartofanimation: Hayao Miyazaki - uiitwaaien

theartofanimation: Hayao Miyazaki - uiitwaaien

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"Tenkhariis" - Artem Rhads Cheboha

Emotional Symptoms Of Stress

Digital artist Artem Rhads Cheboha has created an amazing series of digital artworks depicting fantasy scenes of flying whales and other sea creatures above the clouds.