Survivor by bayardwu on deviantART

Artist: Bayard Wu aka bayardwu - Title: Survivor - Card: Rexx the Winged Lion (Howl)

The View digital sci-fi illustration by concept artist Edward Del Rio of Hayward, California!

Elijah by Carlos-Quevedo on DeviantArt

Serenity One Wise Life added 49 new photos to the album: ☦☦ Celestial Warriors. Angel or Devil ☦☦.

Dragon Warrior

Don't miss this gorgeous selection of artworks by Guangjian Huang, a freelance concept artist working for the game industry in Paris

Jollwin's Blade by on @deviantART

longsword with robust construction. its large guard moves its center of mass closer to the hilt, while still preserving some of swords' cutting abilities.

ravensshire: “ ”

Sargeras vs Monk - by EdCid (Eduardo Garcia) “My view of Sargeras (Warcraft) or what could be just his avatar (one can never be sure) facing a young but resolute Monk (Diablo)” More art for Heroes of.