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"You told me I look sad today. I am sad most days. Today I haven't the energy to hide it.

Really in pain right now. I hope my pills kick in soon. I was sleeping when my damn leg jolted me awake at 2:15am.

They say it's not personal but truth is it is but we hurt we hide our feelings thoughts etc. Deep down its a whole other world that I just simply can't explain to anyone because truth is it is personal and I do hurt

"Isn't it ironic? That the things we do to feel alive are things that can kill us." Maybe we feel alive when we feel we can die


I put my heart into things or not at all. My heart is tired from things not going just right when I thought they would


Just because I'm breathing doesn't mean I am alive, you bounded me not to stay alive this this time and makes me feel like worthless piece of shit sigh

I'd like to have this to hold up when necessary

Chronic Pain & Invisible Diseases -- but I am trying so hard and you don't even know. The common feeling of those with invisible illness

"Why do I always feel like I'm not good enough for anyone?"

love depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely hurt eating disorder alone hate fat crying self harm self hate harm ugly anorexia nothing upset sadness not good enough worthless loneliness mental illness heartbreak numb disgusting unwanted unloved

No one there to care... No one there to make you feel worst.

Me every night. My friends are asleep. My love is asleep. I am alone. Crying, shaking, completely a mess. No one can help me. I am a lost cause.<<< Nobody is a lost cause. Once you tell family then they can help you feel surrounded by love and not alone.