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Felicity: An American Girl Adventure - 2005

Young ladies in training, preparing to serve the noble families. One girl undergoes the most rigorous training for she is going to the princess. Who, the girl finds out, is anything but a lady.

"...a large mansion that was three stories high.. with four graceful pillars. "Here we are: the Prophet Joseph Smith's humble abode." James said." Great new historical romance e-book, “My Captive Heart," by  Annabel Lee, is hot & spicy. $4.99.

a large mansion that was three stories high. with four graceful pillars…

Wedding dress of the main character. It was her mother's dress which she got from her mother. It's only exclusive thing main character's family had.

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Darrik and I will probably be getting ready together, so it would be cute to get maybe a "finishing touches" type photo

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