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Hjortwikinger - Bau eines Osebergbettes

Viking bed construction plans **similar to the one my fiance made. Made our old rv mattress somehow way better than it was! I'm guessing the slats allow for a bit of flex which contours the body nicely.

Stiklestadir 2010 (Viking Average)

Stiklestadir 2010 (Vikingsnitt) We need a longhouse like this.

elvenkingdom - Natur ~ Magi ~ Mystikk ~ Fantasi ~ Drømmer ~ Eventyr

Dragon heads on the bow of the viking ships were supposed to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Whatever, it's art.

Nice cooking pan - Stiklestadir 2010 (Viking Average)

I really want a cooking set up like this. Fire bans create a challenge though. Nice cooking pan - Stiklestadir 2010 (Viking Average) Would love to add this over our fire pit.

Viking Personal Implements Carried at the Belt. http://darksuntattoo.deviantart.com/art/Viking-Toilettenbesteck2-290459278

Vikings were quite vain about their appearance. In fact, combs, tweezers, razors and ear spoons are among some of the most frequent artifacts from Viking Age excavations. These same excavations have also shown that the Vikings made soap.

Medieval Chairs - Beautiful

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