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Leo-hmmmmm I can think of some people who would disagree about this statement and me


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Yes. I do often fail miserably then talking to idiots. It does not help that I tend to start crying when angry.

So like, all the time. This is very true. Recently had an episode where an "idiot" confronted a drunk, Irish, Leo.

a typical leo doesn't mind having that outgoing personality with friends. when they are home however, they can become unusually quiet and solitary, unwelcoming of any disturbance | See more about leo, zodiac and homes.

I used to hate people knowing I was a Leo; then it seemed they expected me to be all outgoing. But I'm an / so it seemed ridiculous. Truth IS, I AM outgoing - but with a select few, people I trust and like. THIS IS SO TRUE

Surround myself with people who know me authentically. I love that

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I dont believe in horoscopes bc i have never really thought i was anything like my sign describes. but this one does Leo & Stress -- yes, I conceal my stress so well I don't even know I am stressed, until my blood pressure is

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So don't mess with a Leo Woman / so ask Leo women get the fcuk off , I hate Leo women the most fakest opportunistic person I ever met. There is not even one single close friend of mine is Leo women.