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Challenger 2

Anti-chemical weapon paint that absorbs chemicals - can then be peeled off and repainted before going back into combat.

War zone: Apache helicopters hover above a column of Army vehicles including Challenger 2 tanks as they take part in an exercise on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire

Tank columns and Apache helicopters on Salisbury Plain

There are thought to be 570 military vehicles on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, including Challenger 2 battle tanks, which were seen hurtling across the fields as soldiers ducked for cover.

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A Challenger 2 main battle tank

A Challenger 2 main battle tank is pictured during manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain near Warminster.

Challenger 2 main battle tank nicknamed "Megatron"

Challenger 2 TES(H). TES stands for Theatre Entry Standard, this upgrade is similar to the US' TUSK for the Abrams.

British Army Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

‘British Army Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank’ by Andrew Harker

A British army Challenger tank pulls security during a decisive action training environment exercise, Saber Junction

[IMG] A German Army Leopard II tank, assigned to Panzer Battalion, lays down a cover of white smoke during Saber Junction 2012 at the Joint.

British Army Challenger 2 MBT DT22AA

Bovington Tank Museum TANKFEST 2013 Sunday June British Army Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) with Challenger 2 MBT giving a demonstration of its capabilities in a simulated theatre of operation (sadly no firing of the gun)