How to be a perfect fifties housewife: In the kitchen

How to be a perfect fifties housewife: In the kitchen

Vintage Bras From The 1950s Put Madonnas Cone Bras To Shame (PHOTO)

LOOK: These 1950s Bras Would Make Madonna Very Jealous

Perma lift, The magic inset. (I can see where the Cadillac designers were taking their inspiration from here)

1950s Good Housewife Guide.  I love this!!!!

This 1955 ‘Good House Wife’s Guide’ Explains How Wives Should Treat Their Husbands

sexist 1950s wife ads - Google Search

Vintage Campbell's Vegetable Soup advertisement, "Did you marry a kitchen snooper?

Outdated Rules For The 1950's Housewife

A little married kitchen conversation? 1954 Artist: Robert G Harris for The Saturday Evening Post

General Electric Refridgerators, - original vintage poster displaying the common slanted and curved font with the washed out colouring. Another common feature in vintage posters are to have women 'showcasing' the product.

March 1943 | little girl washing dishes | kids clothes | girls dress

Reminds me of a cute lovable little girl I looked after once for a year. [DJG] ~ Vintage BHG Cover: March 1942 Robertson Roberts Merry Homes and Gardens