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American soldiers preparing Hitler's "Easter eggs", 1945

Two American Soldiers proudly show off their personalized "Easter eggs" artillery shells) before firing them. - Easter Eggs for Hitler Photo by National Archives WWII

Barakoos being executed during the War of the Interior, the precursor to the Fourth Great Inga-Strangian War. (The Annabeth Years)

Polish men plead for mercy moments before their execution on Bloody Sunday - Bydgoszcz.

The My Lai massacre by American soldiers in Vietnam war

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Civilians killed by the U. Army during a pursuit of a Vietcong militia, as per order of Lieut. It became known as the My Lai Massacre. Ronald L. Haeberle—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Battle of Smolensk

German soldiers running near burning train during the battle of Smolensk

Gas masks c. WW1 as displayed on man, horse and dog.

Gas warfare was very popular during the great war. Soldiers, horses and dogs wore these masks to protect them from the effects of this harmfull gas.This particular picture show a soldier in combat on his horse going through a cloud of gas.

Um soldado alemão da infantaria de assalto premiado com bronze e prata. A prata era dada para soldados que participaram de mais de três assaltos e o bronze tinha significado similar, mas para os soldados motorizados. #HerBarãoVermelho

A German soldier with a badge on his chest in Stalingrad Russia Nov 1942

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german soldier with a flammenwerfer or fmw the standard issue flamethrower during the early phase of the had a capacity of 3 us gallons and could project its burning fuel out to 25 meters. a lighter version, began replacing the 35 in

Progression en milieu hostile pour ces soldats de la Wehrmacht.

Germany's war tactic in World War II continued to be blitzkrieg, which is quick, effective, and intense military campaign intended to bring about multiple victories. This photo shows this military tactic by the Germans.