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A Collection of US Battle Rifles

from the left is the Garand, then the Carbine, then the My favorite battle rifles and a really cool mini version of one of them.

Lee enfield "s  (WWII jungle-WWI/II -WWII)

From Left to Right is the MkI "Jungle Carbine", MkI with it's distinctive Bayonet Lug and the MkII which brought it's simplified Iron Sights.

Which one is your favorite assault rifle?

Which one is your favorite assault rifle?

I love this pic of these M-1 Garands. Visit Diamondbackgraphics.etsy.com for cool 2nd amendment and military rifle/pistol decals.

Daily Man Up (26 Photos)

behive round. 19 .22 LR. shot from 40mm grenade launcher.

Beehive round – grenade packed with 18 rounds. Yo dawg we heard you like shooting, so we put bullets in your bullet, so you can shoot while you shoot.

AR-10 combat rifle (transitional model)

The was developed as a lighter, mm version of the The "AR" in all ArmaLite pattern firearms simply stands for "ArmaLite Rifle"

I lived with my M-14 when in the Army.

almost like her remington pump 22 rifle that she carries across her back

12 ROTOR ROTARY ENGINE, 960 CU IN        815 lbs/ft @ 3000 RPM

Atvonics , The is an engine engineered & designed by Tyson Garvin and Tim Stamps. here is a video of the 12 rotor doing some low power testing on the dyno.