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"Funny things mumford say" Mumford and Sons being funny..... best video ever

The Funny Things Mumford and Sons say: Part 1 best video in the world.---- cant stop laughing!

I got 10 out of 10 on Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Decode" By Paramore?!

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Decode" By Paramore?

"Decode" by Paramore Twilight soundtrack. I fell in love with Paramore because of this song! It's still one of my favorite songs on the original soundtrack.

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The Skulls

The Skulls

1960's mini skirts - Google Search

Mini Dresses were so scandalous back then. Yep, I wore them, it was just fashion. Had mini skirts too. The trip was the nylons and garter belt right before pantyhose. Maybe pantyhose were out because otherwise you could not wear the mini-skirts.