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Skyrim. Grumpy Khajit.

This illustration by namisis:deviantart- shows the famous kitty as a member of the Khajiit race in Skyrim. I bet Grumpy Cat doesn’t think those arrows are fun.


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Hey, a heart is a heart

The pumpkin soup.is filled with interesting stuff. I love that Malo and Talo are so shocked and Link just looks bored.

Squee! These two! And then angry little Groose in the background!

At school, Zelda and Link, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword artwork by AldeRion-Al. Groose in the background!

Link's mowing service

Cutting the grass

Funny pictures about Trainer Tips. Oh, and cool pics about Trainer Tips. Also, Trainer Tips photos.

Weeeell I guess THIS wins the most depressing thing I've seen today award....

but so much that I did'nt draw LoZ. Q___Q I renember that in the final part of the videogame ''Twilight Princes. LoZ: At Least one Last Hug