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"Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight" Karl Lagerfeld Chanel and Fast Food

I used the towel to wipe the sweat and have lost 55lbs so far.  I am only 5 lbs from reaching my goal.  The 90 Day Health Challenge is the best thing I have done for myself.  Check it out at www.deanpeak.bodybyvi.com and see how it can help you reach your health goals!

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.

this would be a good idea to put on the couch. I need this in my life

Need this pillow for my bed! GO TO The GYM Felt Applique Pillow by alexandraferguson

Chanel Barbie doll editorial // Photo by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris

11 Real-Life Designer Barbie Dolls From Vogue Paris

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock…You have to do 30 reps to get it to stop  http://metaboliccooking.com/blog/

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock. You have to do 30 reps to get it to stop. -- not sure I want to hear my alarm going for the time it takes to do 30 reps.but a good idea!

8 Easy Detox Water Recipes to Flush Out Toxins | Beauty and MakeUp Tips

8 Easy Detox Water Recipes to Flush Out Toxins

Lose 5 lbs of bloat - Jillian Michael's Recipe for losing in 7 days - add 60 oz of tea to your daily diet: 60 oz of purified water 2 tablespoon's lemon juice 1 tablespoon sugar free plain organic cranberry juice 1 dandelion root tea bag

Zumba, zumba, zumbaaaaaaa!

I love Zumba. With it I've gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy weight from my first son. I'm fit and healthy, back in my size 4 jeans and I do it at least twice a week, so I don't feel "guilty" about what i eat, because I burn it all off. Dance it off!

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The Ultimate Guide to Summer's Best Bathing Suits

A Chanel surf board. All I need now is a Chanel bathing suit.


Genius or Stupid (33 Photos)

Bread Gnome What can we say? This is an adorable bread gnome. You eat his hat, which would be rude if he were a real gnome, but he's actually just an imaginary gnome that's been printed on a bread bag. (Yes, there ARE real gnomes, get over it.

¡Increíbles dosis de empaque con Beatrice Menis! | Cherry Blog

Designed by Beatrice Menis & Mara Rodríguez both students of Elisava, Barcelona, Spain . The aim of this project was to design a pack.

 I love my curves, I would not ever want to be a size zero.

"Some women were born to be a size zero, some were not. Everyone's body image issues are real to them. I will never be a size zero.strive for HEALTH and WELLNESS not a number." I'm no size zero that's for sure.

9 Super Fat Cutter Drink Recipes For Weight Loss | fat burning detox water | fat burning detox drinks | fat burning detox drinks flat tummy | Fat cutter drink recipe | fat cutter drink homemade | fat burning detox drinks smoothie | detox water to lose weight | detox water recipes

9 Super Fat Cutter Drink Recipes For Weight Loss