Hasui Kawase: Rock Waterfall

asylum-art: Hasui KAWASE Prints by the inimitable and highly influential Hasui Kawase whose work is some of the most brilliant examples of the art of handmade, woodblock prints. In the Japanese government awarded him the title of National Living Treasure.


Asian art Japanese painting KAWABATA Gyokusho(Japanese, Lotus and Waterfowls) 1899

Landscapes - Virginia Lloyd-Davies - Joyful Brush®

Showcase of some stunning Sumi-e paintings of US Chinese brush painting artist and instructor Virginia Lloyd-Davies from Joyful Brush Studio in Fairfield.

Chinese brush painting

I don't really see this in our house but I love Chinese landscape painting. I wonder if there's something modern with a calligraphic feel.

hanga gallery . . . torii gallery: Yoshidaguchi, Unoshima by Tsuchiya Koitsu

Yoshidaguchi, Unoshima by Tsuchiya Koitsu, 1937 (published by Baba Nobuhiko)

講談社野間記念館で「川合玉堂と東京画壇の画家たち」を観た!の画像 | とんとん・にっき

講談社野間記念館で「川合玉堂と東京画壇の画家たち」を観た!の画像 | とんとん・にっき

Chinese waterfall and mountain landscapes painted by internationally renowned YouTube artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies.

Also, Chinese landscapes. Spring-Cascades A beautiful Chinese landscape painting. good ideas for print and garment designs