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The fact that you can have an absolute like "true morality" requires that there be a standard of morality. How is there a standard if there is no God? If a supreme being is not in the picture, there can be no morality at all.

An insult to humanity! Isn't it time to upgrade from the horrific, misogynistic, pro-slavery, pedophila and genocide idolatry to a more modern one?


When you believe that your god has a plan for your life, that this life is meaningless it's the afterlife that truly matters, then it is easy to allow atrocities to occur. And that's why it has been called "the opium of the masses"

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Man belongs to the Earth. Earth does NOT belong to man. Listen to them and make them sink in. Mother Earth needs our help. HuMANs have destroyed a huge part of it. Help keep the earth clean on all levels

Stupid reasons why kids cry - Imgur

Stupid reasons why kids cry - Well I would cry to if I met Obama just not happy tears