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i love this duel piggy bank so much i have been searching the internet for an hour looking for it!

To know more about Konstantin Slawinski Duell Sparschwein visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 17 other Konstantin Slawinski items too!


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Popping bubble wrap everyday in 2013. - $29.99

2012 Bubble Calendar a Poster Sized Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday! making counting down days a million times more fun

Wall Clock With A Twist

We& really hoping Bomi Kim& Meaning of Time concept goes into production, because the simple idea is simply brilliant

Rich Man's Change Bank

Rich Man's Change Bank

This stylish stainless steel canister is the simple solution to collecting all that extra loose change in your pocket.

貯金金額が見えるタワー型貯金箱「Accumulator Bank」

貯金金額が見えるタワー型貯金箱「Accumulator Bank」: DesignWorks Archive

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT  The slit in the handle keeps the tag from falling in and allows the user to squeeze the liquid out of the soaked bag simply by pulling back as you would a slingshot.

Tea Cup SlingsHOT, A Teacup with a Groove for Holding a Tea Bag

Tea Cup SlingsHOT by Samir Sufi - The slit in the handle keeps the tea bag from falling in and also lets you squeeze out the last drop from the bag. Great tea cup that's for sure!

This clock is awesome! you can use anything you want for the hands!

You can make a custom clock + clock hands out of almost anything with this!- this is fuckin genius!

A digital lens that adjusts your monitor screen to your eye wear prescription, so you don'[t have to wear your glasses.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 20 Pics

coffee cups i need this...

Coffee Break Keyboard

Shanghai designer E Square's Keyboard Coffee Cups, inspired by the Apple computer keyboard. Command+N cup, please!

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O que quer fazer antes de morrer? (Projeto Criativo)

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Justin Porcano is raising funds for Wallplates: functional light switch covers on Kickstarter! Functional light switch storage covers - only requires a screw driver to install, and works with existing light switches!

Paint retouching pen

Paint Retouching Pens

Un tampon « foutez moi la paix »

Un tampon « foutez moi la paix »

Duel Savings Bank Puts A Little Competition In Saving Spare Change