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Half-Bloods will murder you.<<<Is half bloods will take a sword and cut urhead off and don't even get me started on potterheads cuz I'm a slytherin and if u forgot what they do, re-read it

And there is this one fandom that comes out only on certain days like 4/13 called homestuck

I am in the Hetalian, Harry Potter, and Merlin fandom and I can confirm that all of those statements r true

A fandom poem by hermitsunited-27.tumblr

What makes this even sadder just the fact that the actor of Snape, Alan Rickman, died

No we love the daleks<<This is exactly what I thought! I would probably say the thing on the train to nowhere.

Yep but I think Sherlock would be Magnasson.ugh<--Dingleberg though<<<<< hannibal though

I read some fucking weird fanfiction.

The weirdest fanfic I read was one in which Cthulhu and Zalgo gang raped Slenderman. The worst part is that I found it kinda hot.

I understood that reference << YES LOL <<< I'm putting this on my marvel board for that comment

This post is not my division<-that post is wibbily wobbly timey wimey<-I understood that reference

Roses and Rivers!!

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Les Miserables, and Doctor Who.

everyone in the fandom is important

everyone in the fandom is important<<especially people in the pjo/hoo/toa fandom

Basically, this sums up Fandoms.

Entirety of BBC fandoms. OMG I'm laughing so hard because that is legit what would happen

Me and fanfic have a love hate relationship. But it hates me and rips my heart out.

Women's jackets should have pockets too!

Can we talk about how UNFAIR it is that women’s jackets don’t have inside pockets but men’s jackets do? <- because if I had inside pockets I would always have a wand or a sonic :)

Considering the fact they're all heterosexual, married, have kids or they would have had one great orgy XD

I love these pics, but men *should* be able to show affection towards friends and family without calling their sexuality into question.