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150711 Twitter Update ♡ TRANS : Jiminie always sleeps like this~

150711 -- 지민이 이러고 잠 -- [tran] Jimin fell asleep like this.

#wattpad #fan-fiction Taehyung is a smol bean in highschool who just wants to have fun. 》 Jungkook is a Gang member of the group called BTS. Skilled with a gun and can easily swoon any woman or man into his trap. What if he small flower child meets the bad boy who's suddenly has an eye on the younger boy?

Call me baby {Vkook} - Not an update!

Jimin looks beautiful here omfg << EXACTLY. He looks so innocent and pure and beautiful and nawww// Ethereal. The word you're looking for is ethereal. He honestly barely looks like a real person because he's seriously too damn sweet and perfect.

#wattpad #fanfic Park JiMin un chico de 20 años, humilde y de buen corazón, decide trabajar en una casa de ricos, la casa de los Min. Una familia que se deja llevar por la avaricia, las apariencias y la ambición. Jamás pensó que trabajar en esa casa sería su peor pesadilla, pero estaba dispuesto a aguantar cualqu...

Un Simple Empleado [Yoonmin] - -Capitulo 38-