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671 ~ Nobody wants to go buy bubble tea with Sehun except for Luhan

I think I am Sehun and all of my friends are EXO

Exo Facts. #Taoris BAHAHAHAHAHA... Was his image ruined in showtime? XD KRIS<3 too funny

Oh Tao, that was the most inaccurate first impression ever. Galaxy has his own style ;

Exo Facts

O is always like a cute puppy which is lost & blank all the time. I need to protect him.

The difference... Lol

Omg xD Sorry for the bad language. I have the exo m picture as my laptop screen. Sail sail sail gotta gotta go go gotta find the el dorado.

^^^ This has been a lesson in what to say to hurt an EXO-L for real.  Carry on with your life. ...If you can=(

In which single parent Jungkook has a son who calls Taehyung mommy.