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david samuel stern

david samuel stern (The Jealous Curator)

LINE Antonio Mora The jagged, fractured lines that are over the image create a sense of disarray and lack of order. The photo clearly represents a break in a relationship (of some sort). Through the use of line, the image feels broken also.

30 januari : I need a holiday...

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Raindrops travelling down a window whilst you're sitting inside in the warmth, perfectly dry. Watching the world go by, in the rain. City lights sparkling against all the raindrops that trickle down the windowpane.

excellent and creative photography #photograpy #creative

i found a picture before i did this version of layout. the picture is the one above. a combination of polaroids creates the big photo.

Just because s/he smiles, doesn't mean it's real. Sadly, this tends to be the face of abuse #abuse #thefaceofabuse

Stop Domestic Violence

this is when you beat the snot out of the person who hurt you & if you can't your friends do it--then put the scum in jail so he can get a new girlfriend

Things Come Apart: Disassembled watch

Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan - in pictures

Credit: Todd McLellan/Thames & Hudson Disassembled Russian Vostok watch from the Number of parts: 130

he: To the human eye the bursting of a bubble is a simple affair. One prod of a finger and - pop! - it's vanished in a split second. Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail! by Richard Heeks

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

Pretty little things

Panty by Post is an underwear subscription service that ships customers a new pretty underpinning each month.