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Mind blowingly useful Craigslist shopping tips you're not already using

Best Online Shopping Tips: Part 1 – Craigslist (seriously awesome info)

DIY Shopping 101 - What To Buy And When To Buy It

What to buy and When to buy it

Funny pictures about Shopping What and when to buy things. Oh, and cool pics about Shopping What and when to buy things. Also, Shopping What and when to buy things.

Huge list of Pinterest tips from @AmyLynnAndrews covering the basics to driving traffic to your site and more.

Just a few friendly requests to make pinning more enjoyable for all of us! There is a good tip here on how to pin things so you end up back to the actual page.

Pinterest Alert - Don't fall for FAKE Followers. Before we add anyone to our #LIFETEAMS -  #John_Scott  Pin Boards #01-38, we make sure the Person wanting to help Pin will keep the Quality you expect on our Boards. Invited Pinners MUST Have Either 100 Followers or Have Pinned 200 Non-Spamming Pins on their Personal Profile...Then, we are Happy to add you. Just Comment on our "ADD ME" Board #00 under Any ADD ME Pin. Quality Pinners Welcomed!

Pass it on. help to fight fake pins and spam. I always try to check the sources, so you can do it to. If you want post your notes and warnings on fake boards with dangerous links here.

Learn the country of origin of your food based on the barcode.  Good to know if you want to buy American or are looking to avoid recalled items from China.  If the first 3 digits of the barcode are:     690-692 ... then it is MADE IN CHINA  00 - 09 ... USA & CANADA  30 - 37 ... FRANCE  40 - 44 ... GERMANY  471 .... Taiwan  49 ... JAPAN  50 ... UK

tell what country a food product comes from by reading the first three numbers on a bar code? For example, if the first three numbers are the food is "Made in Taiwan. CHINA = USA and CANADA = FRANCE = GERMANY = JAPAN = 49 and TAIWAN = 47

Una infografía con una Guía para manejar Pinterest. ✖️More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest ✖️Fosterginger.Pinterest.Com.✖️No Pin Limits✖️

Guía para manejar Pinterest #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

How to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF. <---So helpful and easy! On a PC, just click CTRL + P, and then follow the same steps. For boards that require more than 20 pages, save the first 20 pages FIRST, then click "More Pins" and load the next pages.

For Mac Users: How to back up your boards by saving them as PDF files on your hard drive.

How to organize your pinterest boards - especially when the process feels overwhelming.

How to Organize Pinterest Boards

especially when the process feels overwhelming - [part of someone else's caption]

The Cry - La Llorona- great site the legend with modern day 'lloronas'

The Cry - La Llorona- great site the legend with modern day 'lloronas'